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Restaurant Menu


Starter Ruam
Assorted Thai appetisers 2 to share £17.00 4 to share £34.00
Crispy Tiger Prawns
Served with sweet sour plum sauce £8.00
Crispy Chicken Wraps
Served with sweet sour plum sauce £6.90
Seekrong Moo Tod
Barbecue pork ribs, Thai style with special Thai Sauce £7.90
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Served with sweet sour chilli sauce £5.60
Chicken Satay
Sticks of tender chicken, marinated in Thai herbs, served with a peanut sauce and cucumber salad. £7.80
Crispy duck roll
Served with a Thai hoysin sauce £7.20
Tod Mun Pla
Spicy Thai fish cakes served with sweet sour cucumber salad £7.00
Sesame prawn toast
Thai style served with sweet sour chilli sauce £6.90
Crispy tofu
Served with sweet and sour chilli sauce with peanuts £5.60
Tamerine Tofu
Crispy tofu in a tamerine sauce £5.60
Pork Dumplings
Served with Sweet & Sour Soya Sauce £7.20


Tom Yam Goong
Spicy Tiger Prawn soup with lemongrass and lemon juice £6.80
Tom Khar Gai
Spicy Chicken soup with lemongrass and coconut milk £5.80
Tom Yam Talay
Spicy mixed seafood soup with lemongrass and lemon juice £7.00
Gang Jued Wunsen
Clear Thai noodles with chicken in a clear broth £5.60

Traditional Thai Curries

Chicken/Beef curry in coconut cream. Origin is from Sth. Thailand £9.00
Semi dry curry in coconut cream. Choce of beef/chicken/pork £9.00
Gang Keow Warn
Famous green Thai curry in coconut milk and with Thai herbs. Choice of chicken/beef/pork £9.00
Gang Ped
Red Thai curry in coconut milk, herbs. Choice of chicken/pork £9.00
Gang Kha Garee Gai
Yellow chicken curry in coconut cream and potatoes £9.00
Gang Hang Lay
Special Northern Thai curry with pork and ginger. £9.00
Pahd Prik Khing
Fried chicken/pork with grilled peanuts in rich curry sauce. £9.00
Pahd Krueng Gang
Spicy friend Thai curry with Thai herbs in coconut cream. Choice of chicken/pork £9.00

Thai stir fried dishes

Pahd Nam Mun Hoy
Oyster sauce dish. Choice of chicken/beef/pork £8.00
Pahd Pak
Mixed vegetables with chicken/pork £7.50
Pahd Khing
Ginger black bean sance dish. Choice of chicken/beef/pork £8.00
Pahd Prik
Fried dish with red/green peppers. Choice of chicken/beef/pork £8.00
Gai Pahd Tha Kai
Fried breast of chicken with lemongrass and peppers £8.00
Pahd Priew Warn
Thai style sweet/sour dish. Choice of chicken/pork £8.00
Pahd Kratiem
Tender breast of chicken fired in garlic and peppers. £8.50
Pahd Toa Ngork
Stir fried beansprouts. Choice of chicken/pork. £8.00


Pahd Krung Gang Talay
Mixed seafood in a red curry sauce with herbs. £12.00
Goong Pahd Garee
Fried tiger prawns in a yellow curry sauce. £10.90
Gang Keow Warn Goong
Green curry with tiger prawns in coconut milk. £10.90
Gang Ped Goong
Red Thai curry with prawns in coconut milk. £10.90
Goong Chu Chee
Semi dry red curry with tiger prawns in coconut cream. £10.90
Goong Krathiem
Fried tiger prawns in garlic and peppers. £10.80
Goong Tamerine
Fried tiger prawns in a rich tamerine sauce. £10.80
Goong Pahd Khing
Fried tiger prawns with a ginger and black bean sauce. £9.00
Goong Pahd Tha Kai
Fried tiger prawns in lemongrass and peppers. £9.00
Goong Pahd Horapa
Fried tiger prawns with sweet basil and chillies. £9.00
Goong Pahd Priew Warn
Fried tiger prawns in a sweet/sour sauce. £9.00
Goong Pahd Nam Man Hoy
Fried black tiger prawns in oyster sauce. £9.00


Gang Keow Warn Pla
Marinated fish in a green curry sauce with herbs. £10.90
Pla Chu Chee
Fish in a semi dry red curry with Thai herbs. £10.90
Tod Mun Pla
Deep fried spicy Thai style fish cakes with cucumber salad. £10.90


Ped Pahd Krung Gang
Hot and spicy duck in a red curry sauce with coconut. £10.90
Ped Pahd Khing
Fried duck in a ginger and black bean sauce. £9.00
Ped Pahd Tha Kai
Fried duck with lemongrass and peppers. £9.00
Ped Pahd Nam Mun Hoy
Fried tender duck in oyster sauce. £9.00
Ped Tamerine
Fried duck in a rich tamerine sauce. £9.00

Thai Noodle dishes (single dishes)

Pahd Thai
The famous Thai rice noodle dish with grilled prawns, egg, beansprouts and lemon juice.  Choice of chicken/pork £8.50 or Black tiger prawns £9.00
Lad Nah
Rice noodles in a rich black bean sauce.  Choice of chicken/pork £8.50 Black tiger prawns £9.00
Pahd Winsun Goong
Fried clear noodles with chicken £8.50 Balck tiger prawns £9.00
Pahd See Iew
Fried rice noodles with egg and a rich soya sauce. Choice of Chicken/Beef/Pork £8.50
Mee Luang Pahd Pak
Fried egg noodles with vegetables and tofu. £7.50
Mee Luang Pahd Gai
Fried noodles with chicken £8.50
Pahd Kee Maw Sen
Fried drunken rice noodles.  Choice of Chicken/Pork £8.50 Black tiger prawns £9.00

Thai Fried Rice

Kao Pahd
Special Thai fried rice. Choice of Chicken/Pork £8.50 Balck Tiger Prawns £9.00
Kao Pahd Sabparod
Thai Pineapple rice with prawns £9.00

Vegetarian Dishes

Tom Yam hed
A pungent mushroom soup with lemongrass. £5.20
Tom Khar Hed
A classic mushroom soup with coconut milk and lemon juice. £5.20
Pahd Khing Hed
Fried mushrooms in a ginger and black bean sauce. £7.00
Pahd Priew Warn Pak
Mixed vegetables in a Thai sweet and sour sauce. £7.00
Gang Jued Wunsen
Clear noodles with mushrooms in a clear broth. £5.20
Pahd Nam Mun Hoy Hed
Fried mushrooms and tofu in oyster sauce. £7.00
Pahd Toa Ngork
Fried beansprouts with mushrooms and tofu. £7.00
Pahd Pak Ruam
Mixed fried vegetables with mushrooms. £7.00
Pahd Prik Hed
Fried mushrooms with peppers and Thai herbs. £7.00
Pahd Wunsen Hed
Fried clear Thai noodles with mushrooms. £7.50
Gang Ped Hed
Spicy red Thai curry with vegetables in coconut milk. £8.00
Gang Keow Warn Hed
Green Thai curry with vegetables in coconut milk. £8.09
Pahd Krueng Gang Hed
Rich spicy red Thai curry with mixed vegetables. £8.00
Pahd Prik Khing Tofu
Crispy Tofu and peanuts in a rich curry sauce. £8.00
Pahd Thai
Spicy Thai rice noodles with mushrooms, grilled peanuts, egg, beansprouts and crispy tofu. £7.80
Lad Nah Hed
Fried noodles with mushrooms, bamboo in a yellow bean sauce. £7.80
Pahd Kee Maw Hed
Fried drunken noodles with mushrooms and herbs. £7.80

Side Order Dishes

Pahd Pak Ruam
Stir fried mixed vegetables. £7.00
Kao Pahd Khai
Egg fried rice. £4.00
Kao Pahd Kratiem
Garlic fried rice. £4.00
Kao Khati
Coconut rice. £4.00
Kao Siew
Thai steamed rice. £3.80
Fried Plain Noodles
Noodles with garlic. £5.00

Set Meals

For 2 people - £42.50

Starter Ruam (Mixed starter)
Gang Keow Warn Moo (Green Thai curry with pork)
Pahd Nam Mun Hoy Goong (Fried Tiger Prawns in Oyster sauce)
Egg fried rice x2

Special For 2 people - £50.00

Chicken Satay and Crispy Tiger Prawn wraps
Ped Pahd Krueng Gang (Duck in a red curry sauce)
Goong Pahd Tha Kai (Fried Tiger Prawns in lemongrass)
Pahd Priew Warn Moo (Sweet and sour dish with pork)
Egg fried rice x2

Special For 4 people - £86.00

Starter Ruam (Mixed Starter)
Gang Keow Warn Moo (Green Thai curry with pork)
Goong Pahd Garee (Fried Tiger Prawns in yellow curry)
Ped Nam Mun Hoy (Duck in oyster sauce)
Pahd Priew Warn Gai (Sweet and sour dish with Chicken)
Egg fried rice x4

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